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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalhe following is utterly self-serving, but then if a guy can't talk about his family endeavors from time to time, what's a father to do!

Alana and I have three children and to-date five grandchildren. They have all given us a great deal to love and respect. Today it's an occasion to speak for our oldest son, Alan Ladd Jackson and his wife Heidi. They have just opened another restaurant. It's the third in a series called Lemonade. The first is downtown Los Angeles. The second is thriving in Beverly Hills and starting yesterday number three is at a famous address, not too far from the edge of the ocean in Venice; on the corner of Venice Blvd. and Abbott Kinney.

Abbot Kinney is unique; almost the epicenter of the art world in Los Angeles; a street that has more than its fair share of fine restaurants and great eateries. It is always busy and fun. I was astonished to find that before the doors opened yesterday there was an enthusiastic line-up of people young, and not so young, waiting to sample the menu. Alan is a fine innovative chef.

This morning I Googled "Lemonade Abbott Kinney" and found many mentions and extremely supportive reports.

I just 'phoned Heidi. She was too busy to talk! I called Alan and his response, "It's crazy here. I'll call you later".

Meanwhile, this is some of what I found on Google.

squid ink

lemonade girl
Lemonade inside

You can also visit their website, for more images and menu... enjoy.


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