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Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radiocapitalm booked to be at Park City Utah for three days, starting Sunday, January 18th. No, I'm not directly there for the Sun Dance Film Festival, which is in full swing. I'm excited to be there for a couple of reasons. One, my oldest son, the brilliant chef Alan Jackson, has catered most of the outstanding food and dining events during the Festival; I thought it would be fun to see how he prepares superb meals to many hundreds of people. And, beyond that, to simply ski for hours on end. Park City, Deer Valley and The Canyons are three of my favorite interconnected ski areas. The climate is superb this year, as is the snow and so is the grooming. I've made one concession to assuage the family, worrying about my being out there at nearly 11,000 feet, I shall wear a helmet. - For me that's a first. I'll look like a forlorn gnome.
Michael_Jackson_Talk_RadioI've promised to keep to runs marked green and blue and forgo any with the black insignia. I've sworn to keep to the established runs and no more back basins. They always look so virginal and tempting.
Michael_Jackson_Talk_RadioSkiing at my age, unless one has real experience, is probably a little nutty. I may never ski again (which is what I said two years ago when I was accompanied by our youngest son, Devon. He thought, at the time, that would be an excellent idea) . Since then I have had a hip replacement. That will be put to the test.
Michael_Jackson_Talk_RadioAt best, what can walking on those ever-shorter, parabolic shaped planks, do for me? Clear the head, fill the lungs with wonderful fresh air and give me pictures to remember, vividly, of the runs we made, and possibly let me exaggerate my story-telling about how well I skied.
Michael_Jackson_Talk_RadioAprès ski will be different this time: I can picture it now, feet up on the railings, a cold beer in hand and all the festivities in Washington DC accompanying the inauguration ceremonies for our new president, up on the bar's big screen.
Michael_Jackson_Talk_RadioThese past few days leading up to the Tuesday take-over from George Bush have been exhilarating, leading, God-willing, to a new administration with inspired leadership.

Michael_Jackson_Talk_Radio"Now remember Michael, it's weight on the down-hill ski, lean forward in your boots, relax...and so forth".

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