July 19, 2004

But Jackson said he has remained friends with Eisner, despite his less-than-ceremonious departure from the station (and Jackson's displeasure with that move, about which he was very vocal at the time.

KNX's move to hire Jackson is the latest ina series of changes in L.A.'s two newsradio outlets since Hall took over at the end of last year. The addition of Jackson likely will add to criticism that the station is moving away from its all-news identity.

Jackson said he has already lined up Robert Reich and John Kerry as future guests: only Johnny Carson has turned him down so far,. Upcoming interviews include Michael Moore, Bill Press, Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and former U.S. ambassador Joe Wilson.

He also hinted that synergistic minds at Infinity's parent, Via-com, may have other things in store for him as well.

The host said he's still frustrated by the combative state of takradio and believes there just isn't room for regular discourse over the air-waves anymore.

"This is a different format for myself," Jackson said. "Maybe one day I'll go back to talkradio - but not in its current state, that kind of hard-edged, one-sided approach.

"If (talkradio hosts) are as influential as they trumpet themselves to be, how come fewer Americans vote? Maybe they don't turn us on, they turn us off."