Michael Jackson a Double Hit on KPFK

Yesterday's (January 30, 2004) appearance by Radio Talk Show Legend Michael Jackson on my Inner Vision show was a real hit! Management flipped out and gave us a second hour. Lot's of KPFK people loved hearing Michael, and quite of few of Michael's fans ended up listening to KPFK for the first time. It was a win-win all the way 'round.
Michael was amazing for a commercial radio talk host. He didn't back off of anything I threw at him, whether it was WMD being an absurd lie from the beginning, the fact that the US under Reagan gave Saddam his deadly chemical gases and trained Osama bin Laden in terrorist tactics. He verified Michael Moore's report that a special flight rounded up Saudi's in the US to "get 'em out of Dodge" right after the 9-11 tragedy, that dead American troops arrive on US soil in the middle of the night with even their families denied the dignity of being present, or that nearly two dozen American GI's have committed suicide in Iraq not to mention some unknown number of others since coming home to the U.S.
There's been a lot of clamor to get Michael to do a show on KPFK since yesterday. I can't comment on KPFK's position or Michael's for that matter, but if you did not hear the show, you really missed something spectacular. Give us a few more days and we'll have the first hour, at least, posted on my website at the "Library" link
(or "past shows" link on the Ageless Radio page).
We're missing the second hour. Everyone at KPFK was so excited when Michael agreed to stay for a second hour that no one thought to put another CD in the burner. If YOU have the second hour of yesterday's Inner Vision show with Michael Jackson on tape or CD, please let me know so we can post it, too.